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What Is a Computer Network

Computer networks are the idea of communication in IT.they’re utilized in an enormous sort of way and may include many various sorts of networks. A network may be a set of computers that are connected together in order that they will share information.

The earliest samples of computer networks are from the 1960s, but they need come an extended way within the half-century since then. Computer networks are wont to perform an outsized number of tasks through the sharing of data.

Sharing files – Sharing software and operating programs on remote systems – Allowing network users to simply access and maintain information – sorts of Network – There are many various sorts of the network, which may be used for various purposes and by differing types of individuals and organizations.

Here are a number of the network types that you simply might come across: Local Area Networks (LAN) – an area network or LAN may be a network that could be during a school, an office, or maybe a home. Personal Area Networks (PAN)‍ a private area network may be a network that’s supported a person’s workspace.

The individual’s device is that the center of the network, with other devices connected thereto.

There also are wireless personal area networks.

a person may be a series of connected LANs during a city, which could also hook up with a WAN.

Enterprise Private Networks – ‍An enterprise private network is employed by a corporation to attach its various sites in order that the various locations can share resources.

Internetworks – ‍Internetworks connect different networks together to create a bigger network.

Peer-to-peer networks tend to possess devices that support equivalent functions.

they’re more common in homes, while client/server networks are more likely to be employed by businesses.

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