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Types of Computer Programming Languages



here are basically two sorts of programming languages given below: Low-level language – application-oriented language – Low-Level Languages – The programming languages that are very on the brink of machine language (0s and 1s) are called low-level programming languages..

samples of low-level languages are: machine language – programming language – Machine Language – The instructions in binary form, which may be directly understood by the pc (CPU) without translating them, is named a machine language or machine language. Machine language is additionally referred to as the primary generation of programing language.

Machine language is that the fundamental language of the pc and therefore the program instructions during this language are within the binary form (that is 0’s and 1’s). This language is different for various computers. it’s tough to find out machine language. Advantage of Machine Language – the sole advantage of machine language is that the program of machine language runs in no time because no translation program is required for the CPU.

The disadvantage of Machine Language – Here are a number of the most disadvantages of machine languages: Machine Dependent – the interior design of each computer is different from every other sort of computer, machine language also differs from one computer to a different. Hence, after becoming proficient within the machine language of 1 sort of computer, if a corporation decides to vary to a different type, then its programmer will need to learn a replacement machine language and would need to rewrite all existing programs.

Difficult to switch – it’s difficult to correct or modify this language. Checking machine instructions to locate errors is extremely difficult and time-consuming. A machine language programming must be intimate the hardware structure of the pc. programing language – it’s another low-level programming language because the program instructions written during this language are on the brink of machine language. programing language is additionally referred to as the second generation of programming language.

With programming language, a programmer writes instructions using symbolic instruction code rather than binary codes. Symbolic codes are meaningful abbreviations like SUB is employed for substation operation, MUL for multiply operation then on. Therefore this language is additionally called the low-level symbolic language. The set of program instructions written in a programming language also are called mnemonic code.

A programming language provides facilities for controlling the hardware. Advantage of programming language – Here are a number of the most advantages of using assembly language: Easy to know and use – thanks to the utilization of mnemonic rather than numeric op-codes and symbolic names for data location rather than numeric addresses, it’s much easier to know and use in contrast with machine language. Easier to locate and proper errors – the programmers needn’t stay track of the storage location of the info and instruction, fewer errors are made while writing programs in programming language and people that are made are easier to seek out and proper.

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